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Use this form to be listed in Lust Fetish.

Your listing can appear in up to 3 separate headings here on Lustlust, but must be relevant to each other.

For example an Ebony Mistress in New York that also Escorts may wish to be listed in:

  1. Mistresses in New York
  2. Ebony Mistresses
  3. Mistresses that Escort

Or an Asian Mistress in the London UK may wish to be listed in:

  1. Asian Mistresses
  2. Mistresses in London

Remember you do need to link back to us to get a listing. A selection of our banners can be found here for that purpose.

Those that want to be listed, but do not want to place a link for us on their websites can do so by taking a paid listing go HERE for futher information and payment options.

To get a free photo listing you will need to link back to us on your index/front page. If you do not place our link or banner on your index or front page you with listed with a text link only.

In order to be featured here at LustLust you must place a return link on your website back to
A selection of our banners can be found here for that Purpose.

If your taking a photo listing when you have completed the form below simply email us 1 good quality photo of yourself, we shall do all the resizing etc, for you.

If you are not having a photo listing and only having a text link listing only complete boxes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and 9. If you are taking the photo listing in addition to the text link listing please complete all boxes.

Please complete the form below.

Box 1 Name:
Box 2 URL
Box 3 URL where the link back to us can be found
Box 4 Country:
Box 5 State/County:
Box 6 Town/City

Box 7 The heading or headings you wish to be listed
under in addition to your main or geographical listing:

Fill this section for all listings.

Box 8 Phone:
Box 9 E-mail:
You must give an email address in this box.

You must write in this box.
“I verify that the photo to be used for my profile, listing
is of me.”

Text (up to 20 words around 2 lines), if you are taking a
photo listing

If you taking a basic listing (just your URL) with your
name, etc. Leave this section blank.

Enter this access code acd